We find exhibitions are a great way to create memorable experiences and a way to immerse people in ideas and moods.

Demystifying art and making exhibitions about topics which resonate with young people is important to us. Large scale artworks and fun interactive elements are signature EYEYAH! Trademarks. We want to nurture a new generation of art lovers and create an interest for the arts to flourish in the future.

From exhibitions about TRASH and global warming to internet safety, no topic is off-limits. We have worked with museums, galleries and commercial spaces to create some cutting-edge art shows.

Creating visual spectacles both big and small is embedded in our DNA.

Where possible we utilise cutting edge technology to explore ideas through art.

We believe ideas are best remembered via the eyes. Especially in young people. That’s why we focus an art & design led experiences.

Engaging people in conversation is key to deepening experiences. We create shows which visitors can interact with and want to spend time with.

EYEPOP! The Weird & Wonderful World of YEAH YEAH CHLOE

Held over 2 weekends at Gillman Barracks, EYEPOP! is a kid-friendly pop art show that invites us to see the every-day world from a new perspective. Our opening weekend was held in conjunction with Art Day Out! and saw kids and kidults alike experience the weird & wonderful world of YEAH YEAH CHLOE.

Halloween Art Show at Street Superior Festival 2018

Street Superior Festival was a gathering of subcultures across Sneakers, Streetwear, Music, Digital and Street Art occupying 60,000 sq ft of raw industrial space at the historic Pasir Panjang ‘A’ Powerhouse. Since the event took place at the end of October, we decided to transform our space into a pop-up Halloween Art Show, for kids more…

House of EYEYAH! A Design Festival Exhibition For Kids about the Internet

As part of Singapore Design Week, EYEYAH! created an immersive art exhibition for children, themed around the Internet. We completely transformed a terraced house in the Chip Bee district of Singapore, covering the space with art and transforming each of the rooms into a different experience. We were delighted to welcome thousands of people over more…

EYEYAH! VR Experience

EYEYAH! was one of the collectives invited to create an interactive installation for the ‘MeshMinds Art xTech for good’ showcase at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum in January 2018.  We created a ‘Where’s Wally’ VR experience, where participants had to find the hidden tiger inside the wonderfully detailed worlds of 3Land and Esther Goh.