Through strategic partnerships and supporters we have been able to enrich more lives and support teachers, educators and parents around the world.

Since the beginning of EYEYAH! The Working Capitol have shown nothing but support for our vision, allowing us to work in their magnificent co-working space and freely experiment with ideas and cretivity in a professional environment. Visit their website here.

We create animations based on the artworks from each issue. A series of animated facts and riddles released in conjunction with each new topic. Each animation highlights a different learning point in an entertaining and memorable way. You can see them here.

A network of over 200 supermarkets, FairPrice is Singapore’s largest retailer. With a focus on healthy eating education, the company sponsored the creation of the Food issue which was supported by a series of in-store activities and artist-designed re-usable shopping bags.

“Together for Good” is Nickelodeon’s initiative to empower kids to make positive changes. Under this banner, Nickelodeon air our animated Public Service announcements across digital and on-air platforms.

The education company pioneers programs to teach digital literacy, change attitudes and behaviours to future digtial citizens. Engaging 300,000 school children annually. We have collaborated with Kingmaker to develop workshops that merge our visual materials with their best-in-class pedagogic approach.

A partner of UN Environment, MeshMinds focuses on enabling sustainable development through creative technology. EYEYAH! has an educational tech-led installation at the annual Art x Tech for Good exhibition held at ArtScience Museum.

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise was set up in 2015 to develop the social enterprise sector in Singapore. Through programs and training, raiSE provides funding and other support to guide young businesses to maintain a sustainable business model whilst creating social impact.

National Environment Agency is the leading public organisation responsible for ensuring a clean and green environment, and the sustainable development of Singapore. NEA supported the creation of the Trash issue.

The National Arts Council Singapore, they are long time champions of the Arts and have recognised our value from the outset. They have funded many of our exhibitions and often request our support for workshops and creative solutions. See some of our exhibitions here.

Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is resposible for the development of Singapore as the world’s busiest container port. Partnering with leading experts in fileds of R&D and education the SEA issue was developed with the support of the Maritime Outreach Fund.

The Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund helps equip organisations with the resources to carry out community-led health education programs. The development and digitization of our healthy eating educational materials was supported by TOTE board.

The Media Literacy council works in partnership with Industry, Community, and Government to promote an astute and responsible digital citizenship. We were the recipient of the 2018 Better Internet Call for Proposals, and were awarded funding to build our Internet Safety app.