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To accompany each theme, we release a collection of worksheets. These worksheets are crafted around eye-catching images and thought-provoking facts. Versatile and playful, the worksheets are an ideal way to spark discussion and educate kids on Hot topics surrounding modern culture.

School teachers have found the worksheets to be highly effective in engaging pupils who are drawn to their quirkiness and interactive content. Parents & Guardians can download them for individual use at home and are suitable for 8-12+ year olds.

Each worksheet has been designed to occupy children for approx. 20-30 mins.

There are 10 worksheets per bundle and you can download them on this site.

Suitable for self-assessment in the classroom, or for individual use at home.

Our worksheets are part of South China Morning Post 'Posties'.


To support teachers in the classroom, we have developed a toolkit to accompany each Edition. The toolkits which have been created in collaboration with teachers, use a 'See, Think, Wonder' approach to instigate child-led learning and self-assessment. Toolkits are broken up into topics and contain downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, teacher notes and the digital artworks featured in our books.

To find out more, download our toolkit overview:

Contact education@eyeyah.com for details.