Workshops are the perfect environment to experiment and develop people emotionally. The satisfaction of creating something, the sense of reward and confidence helps a child develop their identity, and become more creative.

We engage professional artists to conceive and execute workshops which deeply engage the audience.

All workshops are designed to nurture creativity and encourage fresh thinking.

We address social issues through creativity, getting the audience to create to specific themes and subject matter.

We run workshops both in and out of the classroom. The demand for creativity is palpable and we are thrilled to be involved in its growth.

Claymation Workshop at GIF Fest 2019

On GIF Fest’s Family Day, we held a stop motion GIF-making workshop for kids. We had more than 50 children join us over two sessions to create fun Claymation GIFs. We taught them the basics of Stop Motion, and guided them through simple sculpting with the clay. They all had great ideas, and managed to more…

Art Lab for Kids: Digital Collaging with EYEYAH!

EYEYAH! had the honour of being invited to hold a digital collage workshop at the Apple store in Orchard as part of Today at Apple.  With roughly 30 excited kids, and their parents, in attendance, we went through how to use the basic tools of Procreate to make their own Internet collage out of 3Land more…

Dangers of the Internet Collage Workshop at UWC

We worked with the Grade 5 art teachers at UWC Dover Court to run a collage workshop on the dangers of the internet. Students were shown the work of famous collage artists as inspiration and then given a selection of magazines as raw materials. Through layering and juxtaposition, the students created these beautiful, thought-provoking pieces more…

EYEYAH! Kids GIF Making Workshop

EYEYAH! organised a GIF making workshop at Singapore’s first GIF FEST. Using a combination of stop-motion technique and collage, kids of all ages learnt how to make their own GIFs. We also worked with Javier Arres, a guest artist from Spain to create beautifully detailed colouring-in sheets that people could take home.